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Love and Relationships ๑ Satsang with Tiger Singleton


Love and Relationships ๑ Satsang with Tiger Singleton

Tiger Singleton, founder of InLight Connect is an inspirational public speaker, satsang facilitator, and author who shares wisdom and insight from the heart; holding events, workshops, and retreats all over the world, exposing the opportunity of this life; our inherent wholeness, beauty, and conscious ability to create a joyful life.

With an open heart, Tiger holds space for a profound exploration into the art of being (you). His sharing gently guide you into the direction of seeing the real opportunity of this life; to See the miracle that you are, to just Be, and share a love that naturally and effortlessly desires to flow through you. He invites you to look within, and sincerely investigate the relationship with yourself and all the ways you deny yourself with imagined and self-imposed limitations.

Tiger is compassionately disruptive and unapologetically direct in his playful attempt to articulate the nature of everything. Ultimately leaving you with the undeniable truth that what you crave most in this life is the sincerity of your own being; to freely be You.

"It's rather arrogant to doubt the miracle you're swimming in."

Much like how someone who is birthed with an innate ability to play the piano without any instruction, Tiger has the ability to see beyond the mind's confusion, and expose a profound simplicity in being human; while allowing the self to return to space of joy, relaxation, trust and genuine aliveness. Be cautious though in these claims, for Tiger himself only claims to have a deep appreciation for life, and for the simple harmony that keeps everything together.

Discovered through his own path of desperately trying to fit in, which was only trying to be something he was not, this exposed a profound failure in looking for something outside of what he was. Through the absolute exhaustion of trying, Tiger surrendered to the reality that it wasn’t working. In this, at the point of a personal death of false identity, he recognized a beauty that he cannot help but to devote his life to sharing.

Facilitator: Tiger Singleton
Date: Friday the 22nd of June
Location: The Conscious Club - Lauriergracht 142, Amsterdam
Time: 19:30-21:30
Price: €20,- 

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