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Sound Journey ๑ Every Month a Different One



Every month at The Conscious Club, a special Sound Journey to restore body, mind, and spirit. Ancient instruments are known for their healing purposes. Surrender to the harmonic vibrations to relax and recharge during a healing Sound Journey!


Eline Louise was just 3 years old when she told her parents she had to play the violin. Although it took her years to accomplish this wish, she succeeded. Music is her love, life and passion. Over the past 20 years she unfolded herself as an allround musician and music therapist, playing many many instruments.
During this Sound Bath at the Conscious Club Eline will bring singing bowls, violin, guitar, percussion and her soothing voice to guide you to deep relaxation at the end of the week. You are warmly welcome to sing along with the mantra's, sit down, lay down or move in any way you wish to make this experience perfect for you!

Thomas Kwakernaat graduated at the Conservatory of Amsterdam in 1997 as a double bass player in Jazz and Latin music. He recorded different CD’s with various combo’s. Though meanwhile, the phenomenon Sound got for him a more intense and deeper meaning. Nada Brahma, everything is sound. He began to study the use and understanding of Sound in Healing. Thomas also sings mantra’s with various groups and plays on many Festivals as a bass player, singer and on percussion. During his sound healing, Thomas uses authentic Tibetan bowls, Asian Gongs, the Panart Hang and several other world music instruments. The resonance has a beneficial effect on the human body and physical well-being

Ton Akkermans & Carolina Schomper
Ton and Carolina both are energy workers.
Ton studied creative and sound therapy. He is a copper smith and blacksmith and all their instruments are handmade. They have been giving sound concert and individual sound session in The Netherlands and abroad. Together they also organize workshops where you can make your own gong or singing bowl.

When: Every month on Friday
Time: 19:30-21:00
Location: The Conscious Club - Lauriergracht 142, Amsterdam
Price: €15,50 // Available with your 10-ride pass, 5-ride pass and New Member Introduction Card. For Onefit / ClassPass card members we have very limited spots available.


» Friday the 16th of August // 19:30-21:00 with Eline Louise

» Friday the 13th of September // 19:30-21:00 with Ton Akkermans and Carolina Schomper

» Friday the 11th of October // 19:30-21:00 with Thomas Kwakernaat

» Friday the 8th of November // 19:30-21:00 with Thomas Kwakernaat

» Friday the 13th of December // 19:30-21:00 with Thomas Kwakernaat


» Sorry, we don't do refunds. Unfortunately, we can't disturb a started class, so make sure you are on time so you don't miss out! No exceptions.

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(valid for one month after your first visit)

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(valid for three months after your first visit)

» Or access to over 400 daily classes and 120 special classes with our 10-ride pass for €115,- instead of €155,-
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