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The Ten Bodies ๑ Eleven Kundalini Workshops

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The Ten Bodies ๑ Eleven Kundalini Workshops

Would you like to have an more open, loving and truthful connection with your Soul? Increase your radiance, strength intuition and live a more peaceful life?

Then join us for a transformative exploration of the Ten Bodies spread over 11 powerful Kundalini Yoga workshops throughout 2019.

Introduction 10 Bodies

Maybe you think 'huh, 10 bodies… I only have '1 (physical) body?' That is partly true, this is your physical tangible body. You can see and touch this body and this body is your tangible vehicle here on earth. It is this physical tangible body that we usually only identify with and it is often thought that we are this body.

Only we are not this body, we 'have' a body, we live in this body but the body is not who we are.

According to the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, a person has 10 bodies (3 mental, 1 physical and 6 energy bodies).

Soul Body
Negative Mind
Positive Mind
Neutral Mind
Physical Body
Arc Line
Pranic Body
Subtle Body
Radiant Body
Embodiment of all the 10 bodies

You can see these bodies as layers of clothing where the physical body is your coat that you wear all your life. Each of these bodies interacts with the others and serves a specific function. All bodies together is the 11, the embodiment of all the 10 bodies. The 11 represents the sound flow, the vibrating basis of all existence. This is expressed when your humanity and divinity become one and you are totally living in your full mastery.

It is a process of insight and practice to keep all of these bodies in tip top shape and in full strength. Each body has its own unique qualities and all bodies are equally important. By consciously working on these bodies and balancing our chakras, we feel and know much more about who we are and we experience more energy in our lives to fulfil our hearts desires.

Depending on the date of our birth, some of these bodies are more likely to work really well for us as assets, while others are more easily imbalanced, leading to probable liabilities in life. When we have an awareness of how each of our Bodies function and how they work together in an integrated way, we can use Kundalini Yoga to balance them for optimal performance.

In this 11-part workshop series we will make a beautiful and transformative in-depth journey through all the bodies. Every month we explore a specific body where we use Kundalini Yoga exercises, breath work, mantra and meditations to clear blocks and make each body feel more alive, empowered and awake.

This powerful workshop gives you the tools to awaken these bodies and bring them into balance so you can life your live from a place of pure awareness, harmony and inner peace in full alignment with your soul mission.

Your date of birth with the corresponding numerology show you which bodies are strongly represented in you. What your strengths are and what you can work on.
The purpose of this numerology system is to allow a person to connect his/her soul quickly, through the practice of a particular meditation or Kriya (series of exercises).

When we are under stress, the weakest link of energy flow in our bodies will not work well. With numerology we can calculate the technique (kryia, meditation, mantra) that will strengthen that weak link. In doing so we re-connect to our soul, and live in a deep state of peace.
By becoming aware of this, you get to know yourself better. This gives you more insight into the number of your soul, your karma, your gift, your destiny and your destiny here on earth.

Everyone who registers for this workshop series will be asked to pass on his / her birth date so that at the start of the workshop you will receive a personal numerology chart with information about your personal bodies and how you can use and confirm these in your life.

"If you understand that you have ten bodies, and you are aware of those ten bodies, and you keep them in balance, the whole universe will be in balance with you” (Yogi Bhajan)

First Body - Soul Body

Do you dare to follow your heart and listen to your inner voice? Or do you prefer to make choices based on 'logical' considerations so that you can be in 'control'?

In Kick Of of this workshop series we travel through and Awaken the Soul Body.

The Soul Bodies theme is heart versus head. If your heart and head are in perfect balance then this will give your life so much more joy. You live passionate and in line with your destination. In this workshop we will start with powerful yoga and meditation exercises to strengthen and anchor your soul body with which you can also get started at home.

The soul body connects you with your inner infinity. It is the experience of the flow of spirit within yourself. When your soul body is strong, you live from your heart instead of your head. Your creativity flows freely and abundantly and you enjoy life.

When you empower your soul body, you live from humility, gratitude and creativity. You are passionate, you stand in your power, you are intuitive and you live with compassion from your heart. Your soul is the individual expression of spirit, it contains the basic nuclear energy of you, your fundamental Self and with an empowered soul body you truly live in line with your mission on this earth.

If your soul body is weak, then you live primarily from your head (control) instead of your heart. You may feel heavy, stressed and unable to reach your goal and creative flow of life. You experience bears on the road, the well-known ‘but's' and 'what if' prevent you from living from your Hearts flow and at times you ignore the signals from your body and the voice of your intuition.

In this in-depth Kundalini Yoga workshop you will be given the tools to bring the Soul body in perfect balance so can empower yourself to live from your radiant Heart!

Facilitator: Maaike Aker
Dates: On Sunday the 13th of January
Location: The Conscious Club - Lauriergracht 142, Amsterdam
Time: 14:00-17:30
Price: €45,-

First Body - Soul Body
Date: Sunday the 13th of January from 14:00-17:30

Second Body - Negative Mind
Date: Sunday the 17th of February from 14:00-17:30

Third Body - Positive Mind
Date: Sunday the 17th of March from 14:00-17:30

Fourth Body - Neutral Mind
Date: Sunday the 14th of April from 14:00-17:30

Fifth Body - Physical Mind
Date: Sunday the 12th of May from 14:00-17:30

Sixt Body - Arc Line
Date: Sunday the 16th of June from 14:00-17:30

Seventh Body - Aura
Date: Sunday the 14th of July from 14:00-17:30

Eight Body - Pranic Body
Date: Sunday the 11th of August from 14:00-17:30

Ninth Body - Subtle Body
Date: Sunday the 15th of September from 14:00-17:30

Tenth Body - Radiant Body
Date: Sunday the 13th of October from 14:00-17:30

Embodiment of all the ten bodies
Date: Sunday the 17th of November from 14:00-17:30

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