Make yourself change gear with our Exclusive Year Program in 2019!

Our tailor-made program will make you look at the big picture of your own life, encouraging you to aspire to be the best version of yourself possible.

As The Conscious Club, we know what we are doing when it comes to wellness and mindfulness. We are the unrivaled experts in sustainability of mind, body, and soul, and we practice what we preach. From the space itself to the content of our programs, we’ve paid attention to every detail to get the highest quality out there. Enjoy unparalleled access to the best knowledge of sustainability and consciousness that the city of Amsterdam has to offer.


This coming year is going to be all about you. A mind blowing tailor-made program with personal guidance, individual consults and small group sessions to discover, connect, immerse and master your goals for 2019. Our professionals can't wait to give you an unforgettable experience in their field of expertise!

At The Conscious Club we have build an amazing, exclusive and diverse program on the foundation of 8 different pillars;

- Yoga
- Meditation
- Breath Work
- Dance / Animal Locomotion
- Ceremony
- Education
- Martial Arts
- Sound Healing

The 8 different pillars are designed to take you on small journeys to discover a certain path. For our year program we have created an exclusive in-depth course of 24 group sessions. Accompanied with 12 individual consults from professionals you get to discover the deeper layers of your body, mind and spirit.


// Personal Intake
You'll start with a personal intake with the two owners of The Conscious Club! As engineers of the mother ship, we know how to guide you towards the perfect plan for maximum results! We'll also be your personal contact person and the ones checking in on you as we set sail towards each new destination. Always making sure you have the proper guidance along the way!

// Nutrition Plan
Ever person is unique. Finding the right balance in your life also includes choosing the right nutrition. You can pick a personal body plan with our orthomolecular nutrition guide. She helps you to find a workable diet that fits your needs, whether that's going vegan, losing fat, gaining more muscles or dealing with allergies or digestive problems. Don't know where your fatigue or allergies come from? Go more in-depth with a blood test to have more insights in your current health!

// Physical Check
Do you suffer from neck, shoulder, knee, low back pain or another physical injury? Do you know how well overall mobility is? Our physical therapist knows exactly how to re-balance your musculoskeletal system to better perform functions that matter to you! He's also there to help you with a customized program in case you want to return to a prior level of functioning. He can also encourage activities and lifestyle changes that can help prevent further injury and improve overall health and well being!

// Spiritual Guide
Do you want to approach 2019 differently? Is there something personal on your mind that you'd like to solve within this year? Our spiritual guide has a long track record in helping others on their way, a great opportunity to get back on the road towards your new 2019 destination!


- A Personal Intake
- Personal Guidance & Road Map for 2019
- Nutrition Plan // (part of the individual consult)
- Physical Check // (part of the individual consult)
- Spiritual Guide Session // (part of the individual consult)
- Unlimited access to all daily classes at The Conscious Club
- Unlimited access to all special classes at The Conscious Club
- 10% Discount on events at The Conscious Club
- Only 20 spots available for the exclusive year program
- A total of 24 in-depth Small Group Sessions (2x a month)
- A total of 12 Individual Consults (1x month)
- A full year to discover, connect, immerse and master your 2019 goals for only €250,- per month!

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity, book your spot by sending us an e-mail here: // You can sign up until January 25th!