Frank Klank - Sound Journey // Singing Bowls

Frank Klank - Sound Journey // Singing Bowls

Frank offered singing bowl meditations and sound concerts for years. 

Somewhere at the end of the late 90s, the sound of singing bowls started to trigger Frank. The beautiful sound captured his heart and out of curiosity Frank soon bought his own singing bowls. The shop clerk told him: “take all the time you need for choosing a singing bowl. The bowls will choose you”. Frank truly experienced this and took the time he needed. The range of sound he heard form one bowl is indescribable for him. Some sounds touched him, others didn’t—nevertheless it was interesting and challenging. Hours later, Frank went home with four singing bowls. 

Frank started to play his singing bowls and soon decided to offer singing bowl meditations. First for his friends and a while later for larger crowds. He discovered new sounds and experienced something in his body while playing the bowls. Also, Frank noticed that the reactions of his participants were so different. 16 years later, Frank still wonders about the influences the bowls can have. 

In fact, for Frank the influence of the singing bowls is logical:

“Just listen to music. What happens with you and in your body? Singing bowls make their own music. Music makes vibrations.
Vibrations are moving water. Our body exists about 60% of water.
And if water moves a lot can happen, also in a human body.

I invite you to be curious about what sound can do and to feel what moves inside you if you listen to the sound of the singing bowls.
Be very welcome to join my singing bowls concerts/meditations, and be open for the sound and be surprised.” 

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