Jeroen Heindijk - Pentjak Silat & Tree Wisdom In The City

Jeroen Heindijk - Pentjak Silat & Tree Wisdom In The City

Hello my name is Jeroen, my passion lies in trees and martial arts. The trees because they are warriors, masters in positioning and moving so beautifully with the seasons and the wind. The warrior fascinates me by its stability, walk and movement. For those who consciously move, the choices and possibilities are endless.

Because of my practice, I now know the way in those endless possibilities. Through discipline and some structure, we find creativity together.

For me Pentjak Silat is an assured way, a great support, a source of inspiration and healing.

I had many teachers in my life, my students are also my teachers. I love being on time, timing is everything. Teaching is working together!

I like the classical style of Pentjak Silat. I learned techniques, Lanka’s they are called, which are still there. I gradually enriched my philosophy; it's about relaxing where you think you need to put force. About changing tactics when you think you just found the definite one.  It is better not to want, but just to follow. And if there is anything you follow, let it be the law of change :)