KINboat is a relatively new and young company in Amsterdam. We offer the perfect tour for everyone with our eco-friendly boats, which have zero emission. Our completely silent boats create a cosy feeling on board and with our solar panels, we provide 50% of the used energy on board ourselves. We are always seeking for ways to innovate. Moreover, we focus on developing great coöperation among the local community of Amsterdam and the growing tourism on the Amsterdam waters. 

With these innovations, KINboat tries to positively develop the collaboration and relationships among the citizens of Amsterdam and the enthusiastic people on board. As our boats are all relatively small, the ambiance on board is always personalized and warm. Joining one of our boat tours will make you feel welcome and special.

Our dedicated team of employees and skippers work hard every day in order to realize our mission. This tour is something different than the usual you find in Amsterdam, and with our personalized and eco-friendly approach, it can be stated this is a must-do in Amsterdam!