Kramer Arts & Antiques is a family owned business for over fifty years and a renowned collection on the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat. We specialize in, among other collections, earthenware, glass and crystal ware, jewellery, silver flatware, archaeological finds, antique clocks and watches, books and prints, bronze statues, Asian earthenware, lamps and more. You will find in our store a broad selection of antique Delftware, the largest collection of seventeenth century Dutch tiles and the rummer wine glasses and Bartmann jugs as you can find them on the seventeenth century still life paintings.

The lavatory is tiled with ‘witjes’, originating from the Amsterdam canal houses between 1660 and 1680. The tables are made oud of antique oak floor boards from the Amsterdam Wester church, by master builder Hendrick de Keysers. The wood dates from the time of the original construction, between 1620 and 1632.

All our products demonstrate the Dutch cultural heritage. In this way the materials and stiles from long ago are saved from demolition and find a new place to display their original beauty.

You find our store in the Spiegel quarters of the city, opposite the Rijks Museum.