After high school, Marieke decided to study psychology as she was very interested in the human mind. Having traveled a lot after and during her studies, she got in contact with yoga. This experience was a feeling of home-coming for Marieke, a feeling that has never left her ever since. The joy and happiness that she felt during the practice got her more and more into the yogic lifestyle. Eventually, Marieke was inspired to do the Sivananda (traditional hatha) teachers training in The Himalayas in 2014.

Marieke feels especially drawn to the Bhakti yoga path, which she describes as the path of the heart and the devotion. Besides her passion for yoga, Marieke also loves to play harmonium, chant mantras and share Kirtan with others. For Marieke, this is a deeply joyful practice in which thoughts, emotions, and feelings are easily transformed. In her work as a coach for teenagers and in her job with young people with special needs, Marieke tries to incorporate the teachings of yoga as much as she can.