Every Monday at The Conscious Club: Meditation Journey with Tim van der Vliet. Four different journeys for your perfect monthly dosis.

Harvard University Unveils MRI Study Proving Meditation Doesn't Only Reduce Stress But It Literally Rebuilds The Brain’s Gray Matter In 8 Weeks. (http://bit.ly/1r2NTh3 and http://wapo.st/2iIj7jK)

Meditating is not only super easy, it is fun. It is like you have control over the button that releases endorphins and dopamine. 
In 4 trips you are coming on a journey of healing your body, opening up your soul, energizing your heart and possibly an astral journey. 

1. HEAL YOUR BODY - 1st of May
This week we are breathing energy from the Earth into our bodies. This relaxes your body, opens it up and heals it. On every breath in you are pulling healing Earthly energy into your body. On every exhale you relax more and more, thereby releasing everything you don’t need anymore.

2. OPEN UP YOUR SOUL - 8th of
In this meditation you are pulling solar energy down into your body. For more experienced people galactic and universal energy is used. This energy is lighter, more creative and purposeful than the Earthly energy of last week. Like a golden stream entering your body and opening you up your soul. 

This weeks meditation is about integrating the meditations of the last two weeks. Imagine that your heart is the exact middle of the Sun and the Earth. At the same time you are breathing healing Earthly energy and the lighter solar energy into your heart. Your vertically pulling down (and up!) these two energies into your heart. You are energizing your heart and body. And horizontally sharing it with your surroundings, your city, the world and back to the Universe. Some religions are talking about “being a vessel”... Now you understand why. 

4. ASTRAL JOURNEY - 22nd of
The last part of this journey is a visualization. I will take you on a journey from the beach, to the bottom of the ocean, all the way up to the centre of the Sun. Settling down in the lightest place you can imagine you are free. Free to let go of everything you don’t need anymore and free to travel wherever you want to go. Whatever happens, happens. It is safe, enlightening, energizing and magical at the same time. 

About Tim van der Vliet:
Tim has been working as a trader in the financial market full time until 7 years ago. He learned as a trader to “crawl inside” and “trust the gut” which was one of the reasons of being successful. About 10 years ago he started to do yoga and meditation. In his work life Tim was confronted with an energy sucking environment. Here is where he learned to pull energy from the Sun and the Earth, so he could energize his colleagues without getting depleted. Now he uses this connection with “outside your body energies” in his own meditations. He quit his full time job 7 years ago to become a full time author and teacher. He meditated with Japanese Monks, Indonesian Energy Masters, and with Dutch, English and American meditation teachers.

Tim shows you that meditation is not only easy, it makes you happy too. It is amazing how much energy, and happiness hormones :), you can receive from meditating. Up to you to keep it to yourself or to share it with your surroundings. Meditation is simple, easy and fun. Just how life could be. 

Date: Every Monday
Time: 20:00-21:00