Petra Groen is a visual artist and yoga practitioner since 2000. After graduating from art school, Petra worked in her studio to build up her career as a visual artist. As a sculptor, she was working very physically and from time to time she experienced sleepless nights as all of her thoughts and ideas swirled around her head. 

To keep her body in shape, Petra attended yoga classes on a regular basis and eventually created her own practice. After a while, she realized that yoga not only strengthened her body but it also relaxed her mind: she could sleep better and had a peaceful head. Petra then started travelling the world and lived and worked in many places. All the while, she stayed true to her practice. Every new place she went, she attended classes and met different teachers. This gave Petra so much inspiration that she got more and more interested in Yoga and the philosophy behind it. Soon enough, she started to follow teacher trainings. First starting out with Ivengar and moving gradually inot a Vinyasa stylye—this is the Jivamukti style that Petra adopted in her yoga journey. David and Sharon (Jivamukti) were a great inspiration for her as well as Peter Clifford (5 elements yoga) and Shiva Rea (Yinyasa). 

Recently, Petra’s interest shifted towards Yin yoga due to an injury and an overworked body and mind. This new style of yoga opened not only her eyes but also her emotion and traumas that she had been stored in her body, ready to be released. Deciding to study this on a deeper level, Petra completed the 200 hr. Yin yoga teacher training this year.