The awareness of breath changed Rein’s life at the age of 35. Rein has been asthmatic for a great deal of his life and knows what it is to be not able to breath at one’s full capacity. Then, Rein came into contact with a practitioner of the Butyko breathing technique. This breathing technique helped him overcome his asthma. 

It was very clear when Rein first came into contact with the Wim Hof Method, the breathing technique was very special. So, simple and yet very effective. It brings you right into your physiology and within a few minutes you can feel the enormous impact breathing can have. This breathing technique does not only influence you on your O2 and Co2 level but it also affects your hormonal system, the autonomic nerve system, and the cardiovascular system. As it also has a positive effect on your state of mind—it is a full mind over body experience. 

Now, as a teacher of the Wim Hof Method, Rein is so excited to teach this powerful method to others and let people feel the impact it can have. Therefore, Rein is very grateful to give the Wim Hof Meditation on Meditation Mondays at The Conscious Club.