Relax, it's The Conscious Club

The Conscious Club is the showcase of the new sustainable future. We're the first public climate neutral canal house in Amsterdam. We've rebuild this former chocolate factory with a super high tech sustainable climate system and only used natural products to build a sacred space. Not only a conscious design but also one with soul through the amount of antique details and items with a story. We have 3 different sacred spaces available to accommodate you in your needs.


Café / living

When you enter The Conscious Club you step right into our café/living. Welcomed by Ganesha at our Indian altar, you can take a seat on one of our handmade steel benches. We kept the old original wall to keep a sense of it's origin. And origins we love, all of the doors are from the 1800's and the restroom has original Dutch antique tiles from the 1600's. The mission in our kitchen is simple: serve delicious, fresh, organic, vegetarian and home made food. Made with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and lots love. 

the green temple

You can't miss the green in The Green Temple! A sacred space of 90m2 surrounded with plants and a big green wall. Our plants reduce headaches by 45% and tiredness with 32%, so your meeting is always energetic! We made our own tables from the 300 year old oak floor boards from the famous Wester Tower. This is the same oak from the 1700's, where they made all of the V.O.C. ships from and you can still see this wood back in the ceilings of old Dutch churches like the Oudekerk. The antique glass room dividers are from the 19th century which gives The Green Temple it's own unique feel.

Zen hall

Our Zen Hall is used for our daily classes in the morning and evening. Between this schedule our Zen Hall makes for a perfect break-out room or small meeting space. A light and comfortable space surrounded by windows and hanging plants. Like the name says, a true zen paradise of 77m2.