Relinde Moors - Yoga Dance

Relinde Moors - Yoga Dance

I’m a dancer, and a teacher in movement and performing arts and: a multi passionate never ending enthousiast.  Always looking for ways to get the most out of life, for myself and for others.

I discovered that the key to it all, is to get things moving. To get the body moving, energy flowing and to create momentum.

To create anything you want in life you need to feel good about yourself, right? You need to have a lot of energy, to be creative and flexible. To bounce back easily from failure. In short you need to be your fully–shining–super-power–best self. Every day.

What I do is giving you tools that make you feel empowered. You’ll experience ease, lightness and connection. You’ll tap into your infinite creativity.

Yoga Dance is a dynamic yoga class, for all levels. This class combines the flow of contemporary dance and the grace of yoga. It's a unique experience that will enhance your body awareness, your coordination, your flexibility and strength. Most of all it will connect you to your unique way of moving.