Remy Goossens - Kirtan

Remy Goossens - Kirtan

My name is Remy or better Ram, a name given to me by one of my Gurus in India. I am an Amsterdam original with soul rooted firmly in India, precisely Herakhan. A unique place I have visited several times with my parents and later on my own. This is the centre of Babaji, an enlightened master and guide to many. 

It was at ashrams and temples dedicated to Babaji that I became addicted to kirtan or chanting. His message of Truth Simplicity and Love is best practiced by selfless service or Karma Yoga and by repeating the many names of the Divine. 

What better way then to do this by making music together?!

Kirtan or singing mantra helps me to break free from boundaries I have set on myself. Not in a mental way, though more in an alchemistic way because it changes our inner vibration, freeing up space we never thought we had. It can also be somewhat of a mystical process, singing ancient mantras, being pierced body and soul by sounds we have never heard before, coming from all around and especially from the inside out... what a mind bender this can be!!

To me it has always functioned as an anchor to the earth and at the same time as a direct connection to something unearthly, 
something which is everywhere, yet hard to grab a hold of or describe in words. Maybe its a feeling, maybe its the big G, who knows?

What I have learned for myself is that there isn't one specific goal in the practice of kirtan, its about you really and reaching into the very depths of your being, about communion in truth simplicity and Love with all, if you like. Therefore I choose to play music intuitively, simply, working with emotions in order to express and transform them through the sound. Its a big cliché but I'm saying it anyway; we are all One. Kirtan really helped me to experience this. 

It can be loud or almost silent, rough or soothing, outgoing, exploring or withdrawing, whatever it takes to reach that place..

Om Shanti