Theme 1

September 29 - 2017

The Breath of Life Series 1 ๑ Connection

Do you feel connected? What does connection mean to you?
Connection with yourself, your body, your partner, your friends, the people on the planet?
Come on this journey of 'conscious connected breathing' and experience what connection feels like.

Theme 2

October 27 - 2017

The Breath of Life Series 2  Trust & Letting Go

Relax, nothing’s under control!
The opposite of control and resistance…
Life is so much easier when you have faith in this its flow.
Come on this journey and surrender fully to the flow of breath (or life…)

Theme 3

November 24 - 2017

The Breath of Life Series 3 ๑ Inner Peace

Do you know most answers come out of stillness?
Come experience your inner peace, emptiness beyond meditation.
Relax the mind and just BE. 

Theme 4




December 22 - 2017

The Breath of Life Series 4  Reaching Your Full Potential

Do you allow yourself te be the best version of yourself?
By expanding your breathing capacity the body gets liberated from old tension and space evolves. Experience your superpower and unlimited potential!

Theme 5

January 26 - 2018

The Breath of Life Series 5 ๑ Breath of Happiness

Experience the joy of breathing. If you can allow yourself to breathe, you allow yourself to live.
By breathing more intense, the ‘happy hormones’ are activated so enjoy the journey and breathe with a smile! :-)

February 23 - 2018

The Breath of Life Series 6 ๑ Power of Now

What is your state of being? Hanging in the past or live in the future? 
Don’t forget to enjoy the journey towards your goals or expectations and be present!
Conscious breathing automatically brings you in this very moment, it makes you aware and awake.


Theme 6