This Side Up Coffee fosters exchange between smallholder coffee farmers and coffee roasters, and transparently promotes their coffee all over Europe.

This Side up and The Conscious Club

This Side Up Coffee will help The Conscious Club build a sustainable and direct relationship with the Thai farmers of the coffee served in the bar. Aside from providing their green beans to Lot61 to roast, we can facilitate direct contact and even The Conscious Club / farmer co-creation of exciting new coffee products.

Why these products are a better choice (benefits of the products/contribution environment etc)

Direct relationships between coffee farmers and coffee drinkers empower the farmers to become independent of middlemen and find better, more creative ways to serve the market they now understand. This is not just Fair Trade that adds a bit of money to the green coffee price, this is integration of two worlds, making the possibilities to make the most of the farmers’ coffee endless. This Side Up fosters the power of openness and exchange between seemingly different worlds, and we are very happy to see a similar mindset in the Conscious Club.