Thomas Kwakernaat graduated at the Conservatory of Amsterdam in 1997 as a double bass player in Jazz and Latin music.Than he recorded an amount of CD’s with various combos. Though meanwhile, the phenomenon Sound got for him a more intense and deeper meaning. Nada Brahma, everything is sound. He began to study the use and understanding of Sound in Healing. Thomas also sings mantras with various groups and plays on many Festivals as a bass player, participates on CD’sand in 201on recordings with Jennifer Ann, Patricia Pattinama and Dana van Breukelen. Thomas is also a singer and plays percussion.

During his sound healing, Thomas uses authentic Tibetan bowls, Asian Gongs, the Panart Hang and several other world music instruments. The resonance has a beneficial effect on the human body and Physical well-being and it takes you out of the “mind”.