FG Natural Products – Unoco 100% Raw Coconutwater

We are a company that imports, produces and distributes healthy and pure food that is sustainable. A company that strives to continuously implement, improve and achieve sustainable processes all the way back to the source. Our ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between consumer intention (complete sustainability) and real consumer behaviour (price/unsustainable driven behaviour). How? By offering the consumer sustainable alternatives that are wholesome, healthy, pure and come with an honest story.

One of the products that fits this description is Unoco Raw coconutwater which we – FG Natural Products BV – as exclusive importer/distributor are proud to offer to the guests of The Conciousclub.

We love food, We love people, We love our planet

Why Unoco

The popularity of coconut water is growing with the increasing demand for healthy fresh products. However the vast majority of the brands on offer are not fresh and nearly all are pasteurized to extend shelf life. Fresh coconut water from young green coconuts is naturally filled with vitamins, minerals, active enzymes and anti-oxidants. The heating process of pasteurization kills most of these healthy elements. Here Unoco differs. Unoco is ‘rawfood’…

Unoco distinguishes itself from the rest because it offers the raw product at a very high quality. Instead of pasteurising and using ‘High Pressurised Processing (HPP)’ it leaves the healthy elements intact and the naturally occurring enzymes remain as active as just drinking from the nut itself.  Only then the coconut water is really fresh and healthy.

Why Healthy

‘Raw’ coconutwater is an ultimate thirst quencher. Next to the other healthy nutritional elements, it contains the electrolytes, kalium, natrium, calcium and magnesium, which the body loses through the days activities. Coconutwater does not contain fat or cholesterol and only half the (natural) sugars found in other quantified fruit juices like orange- and applejuice.

Why Pink 

As proof of optimal health and its high nutritive value Unoco naturally turns pink in the bottle. This is a result of the oxidation of anti-oxidants that are only found in the water from young green coconuts.

100% Organic, 100% Fair

Unoco’s coconut water only comes from young green coconuts, which are harvested at the right time and place. Not on plantations but in the wild on small Philippine islands where sea minerals enrich the soil and plant life and where coconutwater is a tradition and has hydrated local populations for centuries. The coconuts are harvested by local smallholder farms and are purchased at a fair price.  By sourcing from these smallholder farmers Unoco helps the local population to support themselves with their natural resources sustainably and helps keep a long tradition going. The farmers never apply any artificial fertilisers or pesticides and Unoco is organically certified. Unoco is healthy for the individual, does not harm nature and helps local farmers with their own future.

Coconutwater from Unoco is 100% pure coconutwater. Nothing more, nothing less.