If you look at the floor at The Conscious Club, you see a sand-cement floor polished off with a natural Hardwax-oil in two layers. Sunflower, soya, linseed and thistle oils are the basis for this finish. The natural wax is classified as food safe and the pigment do not contain any harmful heavy metals, Disaromatised white spirit ensures that the finishes are easy to spread.

We are Van Binnen, the first and only store in the Netherlands that sells environmental friendly interior design. With our products we take into account that they bring a positive contribution to the environment, that the production process is fair trade and the products contribute to your health.

We have over 20 years of experience and we outshine in our specialism in organicsleeping. We believe that you are at your most comfortable when you have a personalized mattress what consists of the best natural resources. Our aim is that every client has a healthy sleep on our eco beds of selected top brands. In our store we have everything what makes this complete. From pillows to a design bed frame.

In our store you can also find natural paint, bamboo floor finishing, cotton- and linnen fabrics

We are Van Binnen, a tasteful, comfortable and moreover sustainable interior design store. Sustainability is not necessarily expensive, rather sparingly for you and the environment!

Visit us online at www.vanbinnen.com or six days a week in our store in the center of Rotterdam.
Located in 'De Groene Passage', the
largest ecological shopping mall of Europe.