Yoga Dance Series 2017




Theme Overview


Class 1: Give and receive

Class 2: Release unnecessary tension - Feel free and light

Class 3: Raise your vibration

Class 4: Flow state

Class 5: Access Intuïtion

Class 6: Inner and outer space

Class 7: Radiation - shine from the inside out

Class 8: Heart opening

Class 1


Class 1: Give and receive

Either on the mat or in our daily lives, it's not always easy to find the balance in between giving and receiving. One might be more natural for you in than the other. Unnecessary tension might make it hard for your to receive. Shyness might keep you from fully giving yourself.

Relinde will take you on a journey to explore the concepts of yielding and reciprocity (giving and receiving).  We'll explore the sweet spot in between propping (tensing) and collapsing. By developing your capacity to yield into every pose, transition or move, you'll experience a new level of support. Once you know how to find this sweet spot, it will change your movement practices forever. Finding the balance in giving and receiving creates ease in body and mind.

Class 2


Class 2: Release unnecessary tension - Feel free and light

Your skeletal structure gives a natural support to the body. Often we move from the muscles. We train muscular strength and think of the muscles of the ones that make the movement. But what happens in the bones and the joints?

By acknowledging the anatomical structures of the skeleton, we'll find lots of freedom in the body. Tension in the muscles creates obstructions in the body, which will lead to pain, tiredness of stiffness.

We'll explore how to release unnecessary tension from the muscles and tissues in the body. By doing so, we'll open up the joint spaces, which will allow the energy to flow with ease.

Class 3


Class 3: Raise your vibration

It's spring and time to feel fully alive! In this class, we'll raise our energy levels, by opening up the energy centers in our spine and heart.

In this dynamic and flowing practice, we'll explore backbends and spinal twists. We'll open up the energy flow from within, and play with directing that energy into movement. We'll use flowing sequences and improvisation to set ourselves free.


Class 4: Flow state

In this class, we'll get 'out of the way' and align ourselves without our natural state of flow. In this state, you're in the moment and experience a sense of freedom and joy.

The chatter in our heads and disconnection from our bodies keeps us from being in the state of flow. Being in the flow means your whole body-mind is 'online.' You're able to trust your body intelligence and cooperate with it. From there, the sky is the limit! Flow, move and dance and explore yourself in new ways.

Class 4

Class 5


Class 5: Access Intuïtion

As we are transitioning in Autumn, it's time to go inside and tap into our inner wisdom. In this class, we'll discover how to access our intuïtion by attuning the whole body/mind instrument.

Recognize that you are your whole body and that consciousness is in every cell of your being. By acknowledging all of you, you'll tap into wisdom that is greater than yourself. This gentle, yet dynamic class will leave you feeling at home in yourself. 


Class 6: Inner and outer space

Everything you do is connected to everything around you. Explore your inner and outer awareness, the playful relationship of your body-mind in space. Observe without judging and train to be fully conscious of who you are while staying connected to the world around you.

In this class, we'll acknowledge all information that is given to your body. What information does your skin give you? And how can you project define yourself clearly into the space you occupy? This playful practice will make you feel fully aware, mindful and in flow with everything around you.

Class 6

Class 7


Class 7: The lightness of being

In this class, we tap into the consciousness of the trillions of cells in our bodies. By activating your cellular awareness, you'll feel fully alive, happy and energized.

Applying this to movement means the whole body is switched-on, and moving feels effortless. You're not losing energy while being active. Instead, you're opening up to receiving more energy than you had before.

Expect to feel energized, blissful and radiant.


Class 8: Heart opening

Tap into the wisdom and love of your heart. By tuning into our physical and energetic heart centers, we open up. Release any contractions in the heart area. Experience how to be vulnerable and powerful at the same time.

As they say: 'all healing comes from the heart.' By holding on to old emotions or beliefs, we obstruct love to come in. The winter solstice is the time to open up from the inside out. To allow yourself to give and receive love fully. Connect with your inner sparkle, and be ready to beam it out into the world.

Class 8