Yumeko brings gentleness into the world. We believe that gentleness enables us to live a better and more relaxed life. This means that our goal is to make the time that you spend in the bathroom and in your bed a real pleasure.

That’s why we make our eco bed linen, duvets, pillows, mattresses, towels and plaids so soft and gentle. We do this by using the most sustainable cotton and kapok, the best down, the purest latex and the finest wool.

We can offer this quality because we are gentle to the animals and the fields that give us our raw materials, and to the farmers who own them. 

By continuing to invest in our products, our bath and bed textiles grow more gentle every day. After all, if you give gentleness, you receive it back in return.

Just try it for yourself. The Conscious Club just did that.


Dream gently.

Give gently.

Live gently.