#theconsciouschallenge - A campaign for awareness and change, focusing on the 10 most important topics of our time.

For the 3 year anniversary of The Conscious Club, on Earth Day, we wanted to create something in honor of our aligned mission. It resulted in The Conscious Challenge, a campaign for awareness and change. With all the information and media outlets of today, it’s very easy for one’s vision to be clouded by all the details. Therefore we have created an Ecological Footprint Bible, an important document focusing on the 10 most important topics of our time. By connecting The Conscious Challenge to each subject, we have found an easy way for people and companies to actively contribute to a positive change for our earth. The Conscious Challenge shows you that with a small conscious act, you can still create a huge impact.

The coming 10 weeks are going to be filled with articles to make our current situation more insightful, supported by a database of scientific articles, publications, video’s and documentaries. We are not only providing information, but will also present possible solutions. We’ll work with these ideas in The Conscious Challenge and our weekly Around The Table sessions converting them to concrete solutions and implementations!


  1. Climate change // starts April 22 - 2019

  2. Oxygen April // starts April 29 - 2019

  3. Plastic // starts May 6 - 2019

  4. Water // starts May 13 - 2019

  5. Food // starts May 20 - 2019

  6. Transportation // starts May 27 - 2019

  7. Clothing // starts June 3 - 2019

  8. Agriculture // starts June 10 - 2019

  9. Energy // starts June 17 - 2019

  10. Extinction // starts June 24 - 2019

Read more about our campaign at www.theconsciouschallenge.org

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