DIY: Goodbye Puffy Eyes

DIY: Goodbye Puffy Eyes

We can literally call ourselves the wired generation! We spend close to 80 percent of our lives on the laptop, smart phone, computer, I-pad or immersed in alternative forms of technology. While it certainly does make navigating through life a lot simpler and quicker. The effect that it has on our bodies is not quite as positive.

Tired puffy eyes aren’t really a fashion statement that’s going to make heads turn! While we all would love to head to a salon to be fussed over, we may not always have the advantage of time to do so. Listed below are some instant DIY home remedies using simple everyday ingredients & tips that help give instant results!


Tips & Coolers to reduce puffy eyes

1. Eye exercises: Look to the farthest green tree while walking or standing in your balcony at home or at your work space . Practice this from the closest tree to the furthest one and from one the centre to the corner of your eyes for a few minutes every day.

2. Ice Spoons: Placing ice cold copper /steel or silver spoons that fit the circumference of your shut eyes brings instant calmness to tired puffy eyes. Your eyes will feel refreshed immediately after. Tip – Ensure the spoons are sanitized and cooled in ice cold water and placed in the fridge for a couple of hours. Repeat the procedure for 10minutes.

3. Cold Compress & Organic methods: Cold tea bags, cold compress, organic rosewater, fresh aloe vera are all great ways to reduce puffiness and bring some instant relief.

4. Ice Popsicles: Another fun way to beat the heat and help make puffy eyes feel more radiant again is by making ice popsicles


Cut up some watermelon to fit the ice cube mould and let it freeze. Watermelon is high in water content and aids rehydration. Cold watermelon on the eyes is a great way to reduce puffinesseye bags and reduces dark circles as well.

You can also follow this procedure with tomatoes and cucmber as well. Cucumber is a classic beauty secret as it contains silica that is responsible for excellent skin and hair growth. Tomatoes are a magic fruit, they aid in restoring the lost ph balance of the skin internally and externally giving you radiant eyes and skin.

However, you must remember to stay hydrated and sleep well. Other foods that help with reducing puffy eyes are blueberries, beetroot, goji berries, celery. Eating your way with the right foods are key! Drinking water helps the skin under the eyes stay young and fresh. Cut back on alcohol and drinking too much caffeine, these dehydrate the skin further and most importantly limit your salt content, salt retains fluid enhancing the puffiness!

Other than that your eyes are in for a real treat!

Conscious Contributor: Sapna Jhuremalani
An english native speaker with an Ma in Broadcast Journalism from The University of Sheffield (UK). An ambitious Communications and Content marketing professional by day. When not working, Sapna loves exploring horizons, chasing sunsets and sinking her feet in the sand. A vegetarian, a fitness enthusiast, lover of the outdoors and indulges in experimenting with clean eats! She passionately engages in story telling, exchanging stories about travel, food, music, fitness and culture.