Healing Tonic Recipe


Healing Tonic Recipe

It seems like golden milks and turmeric lattes are everywhere these days. That’s not to say these aren’t fabulous, nourishing drinks especially in the colder months of the year, but it’s always fun to experiment with new ingredients, spices and combinations. With a little bit of creativity, the possibilities are truly endless!

The ideal tonic combines fabulous colour with a soothing texture, lots of healing benefits and a bit of a kick either from the use of warming spices or an earthy add-on.

This wonderful recipe ticks all of the boxes and the featured ingredients are truly a match(a) made in heaven! Maca + matcha + tahini? Yes please. Perfect for those wintery days when you don’t want to leave the house and all you need is a warm hug in a mug!

Now go do your body, soul, and senses a service and get the recipe here.

Article: Michelle Harriette