New Moon in Scorpio: Forgiveness and Compassion 

New Moon in Scorpio: Forgiveness and Compassion 

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On the 7th of November, a new cycle starts again with the New Moon. This New Moon falls in the intense sign of Scorpio and stands for forgiveness and compassion. Travel to the depths of your heart during this Scorpio New Moon to heal and transcend. The clarifying energy will help you to become the best version of you!

Scorpio New Moon 

The intensity of the Scorpio energy together with this New Moon is the perfect moment for forgiveness and compassion not only towards others, but also toward yourself. Though it is easy to be harsh and unforgiving on ourselves and others, which was even easier with the energy of the Taurus Full Moon, the sensitive yet intense energy of the Scorpio New Moon makes it easy to find peace. 

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“Even if negative thoughts creep in, try to remind yourself that you are on a journey of learning and growing, and there is no need for you to have a “‘perfect’ life” - Foreverconscious  

Forgiveness does not mean that we have to justify someone’s action or find excuses for their behavior but rather, it is letting go of resentment and hatred. See it as a gift that you give to yourself. Holding onto hate is not only very tiring but also damaging to your emotional health. In order to live a truly fulfilling life, let go of anger and hatred.  

Venus is also there to help you in this heavy task. With Venus retrograding, the heavy energy of the Taurus Full Moon shifts to the healing of the heart. The energy of Venus clarifies our relationships by reopening past heartbreaks and by refocusing on the weaknesses in your relationship. Tap into this clarifying energy to heal and overcome relationship struggles!

“Our hearts are going to be close to us around this New Moon, and we are going to be able to tap into them with greater ease.” - Foreverconscious


The Conscious Club provides a great way to start fresh! On the 7th of November, from 8:00 PM till 9:00 PM the event New Moon Healing Circle takes place. Together with Maaike Aker you can discover the power of a new moon mantra meditation. For further information, you can visit our events page! 

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Conscious Contributor: Zeynep Kizilirmak