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full moon in aquarius

Mark 15 August in your calendars, because at 14:29 Amsterdam time there will be a Full Moon in Aquarius. This lunar event will be occurring at 22°24’ of Aquarius, and is set to awaken your inner disruptor. Those with the fixed astrological signs of Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus will be affected more significantly, but all of us will be experiencing major inner rumblings, as we grapple with the strong, individualistic Leo Sun energy and Aquarius Moon, which, while very independent, ultimately favours the collective. What else can we expect from this Sturgeon Moon? 

New Attitudes, New Perspectives

Aquarius’s ruler, Uranus, turned retrograde on the 11th of August and is now squaring Mercury, so this energy is shining a light on higher thinking and abstract thought. The Full Moon in Aquarius reminds us that attitudes we held don’t have to endure, and others’ beliefs don’t have to become our own. Uranus, the planet of change and unpredictability, is influencing our interactions with others and conversations will easily enter uncharted waters, where plans – especially their outcomes – will be up in the air. In essence: Prepare for the unexpected. 

full moon in aquarius

During this Full Moon in Aquarius you’ll notice a shift in your perspective, where trivial matters won’t matter to you. Activist Aquarius has a deep urge to change systems that are ineffective, inefficient, and inconsequential. Now is the perfect phase for progress and paradigm shifts, for finally acknowledging changes that are long overdue. Whether you’re revolutionising the world or just your own, you’ll feel a strong, undeniable urge to get the movement going. 

Underlying Emotions Surfacing

And this includes your love life: The Sun conjunct Venus in Leo means there’s emphasis on our partnerships, but not in the most comfortable way. Those in romantic relationships could witness their partners exhibiting unpredictable behaviour or could themselves be the ones wanting more excitement or feeling a sense of boredom/restlessness. Singles are likely to experience sudden changes and whirlwind romances are possible now. But the key is to not let this impulsiveness threaten any relationships you’ve slowly been building. 

While Aquarius is typically very good at separating emotion from ideas, because of the Full Moon in Aquarius forming an opposition with Venus, we’ll have trouble objectively assessing our feelings, and it’s likely to rouse underlying emotions we’ve been suppressing or ignoring. There’s heightened potential for anxiety, stress, anger, jealousy, insecurity, and acting rashly, thanks to the Moon opposing Mars. This planet of action, in combination with Pluto, brings unaddressed relationship tension to the fore until August’s second New Moon, the Black Moon, on the 30th (at 12:37 in Amsterdam). This Super New Moon in Virgo will expose deep-seated issues, especially those related to love and money, and illuminate ways of working through them.

The Moon opposite Mars will also make us a tad moodier and irritable. We’ll be full of passion but also far quicker to give into instant gratification – be it with people, food, things, you name it. From impulse buys and comforting eating, to knee-jerk responses or lowering our dating standards to combat loneliness, these will all be tempting options during this planetary arrangement. In terms of our physical health, the organs that will be particularly sensitive during the Full Moon in Aquarius are the calfs, ankles, shins, Achilles, forearm muscles and thyroid. As always, surgeries (if avoidable) aren’t recommended.

High Vibe Tribes

But what is recommended, is investing the energy in finding your tribe. Now is the time to be around your fellow weirdos, with whom you can release all of your idiosyncrasies without shame or embarrassment. Now is the time to reconnect with those curious souls who make you feel free to be you. Liberate yourself from the pressure to fit in and spend moments with the people who make you think, challenge your beliefs, and who aren’t afraid to tell it how they see it, even if it’s not what you or others want to hear. This is your crew. 

full moon in aquarius

Be wary of the Sun quincunx both Pluto and Venus that will encourage pressure to build to want to change your life situation. This may even extend to us indulging in destructive or self-sabotaging behaviour. For karmic reasons, we might subconsciously seeking out people who will trigger us or we’ll be attracted to people who ultimately try to control or manipulate us. The Full Moon in Aquarius reminds us that while it’s important to be community-minded, we also need to be judicious about who forms our inner circle. 

Heeding this, don’t ignore this pull to the collective. There’s power in numbers, and for us right now, the sum is greater than its parts. So, are ready to find your crew? 

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Full Moon Healing Circle

full moon in aquarius

Thursday, 15 August 2019 // 20:00-21:00

In this intimate meditation evening hosted by Maaike Aker, we let go of the old and make room for the new. We will practice the transformative Kirtan Kriya, or “Sa Ta Na Ma” meditation, which is a core component of Kundalini yoga. This technique, as well as other chanting, visualisation and meditative exercises, will clear your psyche, balance your body, and purify from within. Following this ceremony you will feel balanced, centred, and re-energised. Click here to book your place!

Full Moon Flow Yoga

full moon in aquarius

Thursday, 15 August 2019 // 20:00-21:00

Every Full Moon brings an opportunity to embrace change, to let go of what no longer serves you, and to cultivate greater connection. Cultivate a calm presence through cooling Moon Salutations, tranquil yin postures, and powerful meditations to harness the transformative effect of the Moon’s brilliance. Held every month, this restorative class hosted by Alicia Ingruber will be tailored to the type of Moon that month. Click here to book your place!


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