Super New Moon in Virgo – Structure & Synergies

super new moon in virgo structure synergies

The Super New Moon in Virgo, or the Black Moon, is a no-nonsense lunar force. You can’t fool a Virgo, nor can you fool the energy we’re experiencing now. This Friday 30 August at 12:37 in Amsterdam there’ll be a Super New Moon in Virgo 06°46′ and it is a time for new beginnings. Our key priority during this period? Get organized. We need to get our acts together, and get real. 

New Moon vs. Super Moon

But first, what is the difference between the normal New Moon and Super (New) Moon? All it really means is that the moon is at its closes point to the Earth. This phase in its elliptical orbit makes the moon look bigger and brighter. So, making the most of this intensified energy, we should…

Declutter & Distil

super new moon in virgo structure synergies

Virgo teaches us to be more discerning. The Super New Moon in Virgo is a time to declutter; to straighten out our lives. Or in other words: To get our sh*t together. Now is the perfect moment for us to concentrate on our goals and clear away the extraneous tasks or social obligations that distract us from them. And this includes Virgo’s tendency to play the martyr: Fixing other people’s problems, while admirable, is not where our focus needs to be right now. The moon in Virgo positioning is prime for fixing our own lives, too. We must be diligent and not procrastinate simply because we don’t want to face our own to realities. The theme of September is: Less dilly-dallying, more rallying. We’re to put on our work boots and get stuck in. A deft hand of pragmatism and effort is what will give us a leg up on our competitors and set us up for success.  

Get Organized

To do this, the first thing we should focus on is our finances. As much as Virgo loves a luxury purchase, they also know all too well the value of quality over quantity. We need to get realistic about our financial situation and develop a solid debt repayment plan if need be. Using the high focus energy to get those To Do lists in order will help us to physically straighten up our living/working spaces and ultimately, our lives overall. Our outer surroundings are a reflection of our internal environment, so let’s streamline. There’s no such thing as too detailed a plan. Getting specific and going over everything with a fine tooth comb is what New Moon in Virgo dreams are made of. 

Seek Out Opportunities

On Friday the Super New Moon in Virgo, Venus, Mars, and Mercury are trine Uranus. This combination means that we’ll not only be able to express ourselves efficiently, we’ll also be super charming and unafraid to share our thoughts or confidently communicate our abilities. By embracing the bohemian vibes of Virgo’s Earth Mama side, we can elegantly share our unique perspectives and cultivate new connections. This planetary configuration is ideal for both our romantic and work relationships, as we’ll find it easier to passionately describe our goals, what we want, and tell others our feelings. 

There’ll also be an enhanced creativity with – bOnUs – the analytical, strategic thinking to put it into practice. It couldn’t be a better time to start a new venture or reinvigorate an existing project. We’ll be precise, measured, and have a sharper eye for things. But we mustn’t get too critical of others, especially if they’re trying to help us. Nevertheless opportunities abound, we just have to be open to receiving them. 

Nourish Your Body

super new moon in virgo structure synergies

Another facet of Virgo rules the digestive system, so we should use the current planetary energy to sort out our diets. And maybe that’s the problem: We don’t have the right one! Some of us might have been feeling a little out of control with our eating (a leftover from hedonistic Leo season, no doubt), and now is when we must be stricter with ourselves and start a more structured health regimen. We’d also do well to brush up on our nutrition knowledge and boost our intake of nourishing food. During this New Moon in Virgo our digestive tract organs will be sensitive. So we’re to take extra care of what we’re eating, as it’ll have a greater impact on our pancreas, small intestine, large intestine, colon, and rectum than normal. Also surgery, if avoidable, is best saved for another time/day. 

The good news is: If we do take care of ourselves with super nutritious food and an amped up self-care routine, our energy to go after what we want will be at an all-time high. So what are we waiting for? Let’s do this!


super new moon in virgo structure synergies

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