Full Moon in Pisces: Romantic and Creative Energy

Full Moon in Pisces: Romantic and Creative Energy


The August Pisces Full Moon will bring optimism and hope, it will be your reminder of your strengths and determination. With all the planets and the moon moving, you have also come a long way as you are wiser now for the road you have traveled. The Pisces side of us with the combination of this special full moon will increase our creative and romantic forces.

Eclipses and Retrogrades

The last months have been way more intense than expected as we experienced three eclipses and seven planets in retrograde. Thus, it is time to use this fiery energy and “build the fires within using reflection, contemplation, communication, and inner imagination.”

On the 27th of August Mars will go off retrograde so we may be getting our action energy back. During the Mars retrograde, from the end of June to the end of August, we tend to focus our energy inwards which might feel like we are overwhelming ourselves and nothing is flowing in the right direction. This is due to Mars being the ruler of action, energy and passion. Finally, with the coming week we will get to use our precious energy to more valuable points of focus.


Also, in two weeks, on the 6th of September Saturn will be exiting retrograde which it had entered in April, so it has been a long time coming! As Saturn dominates the aspects of karma and justice, facing your fears and inner reality becomes the priority. Realizing what works for you in the time of limitations and focusing your energy into what needs to be changed will be the guiding hand. Thus, as you learn from your mistakes you will emerge from the Saturn retrograde as wise as an owl.

Full Moon in Pisces

On the 26th of August a Full Moon will light up the night sky. This full moon in Pisces will be one of the best full moons of the year bringing new energies that will lead you to get your romantic and creative juices flowing. With some of the retrogrades being over, let the forces of this full moon accompany you to a new journey where you get to reflect on your vision for the future.

Sweetly remembering the hard times we went through and knowing that it shaped us for the better. When universe tells you to change and everything around you is changing we just need to let it go and have a positive outlook about the adjustments in our lives. So just take a moment to celebrate you, and I mean every version of you! Because when you accept yourself for who you are in the good and the bad times, then you can view yourself with the honor and the respect you deserve.

During this full moon certain topics may start interesting you more than before such as science and technology but also mysterious and magical subjects like astrology. If there is an urge, then dive into it! However, without having an external source of motivation cheering you towards learning you might find yourself feeling a lack ambition. In these situations, keep in mind the potential you have and you will notice everything is possible after you set your mind to it.


Lastly, “under the influence of this beautiful Pisces Full Moon, we are going to be able to look out at the new path in front of us and feel excited for the journeys that are destined to come. We are going to feel stronger, we are going to feel more aligned with ourselves.”

Things are looking up and all our efforts will slowly pay off, so remember to work hard and play harder.😉


Conscious Contributor: Natalie Tekin

Sources: MysticMamma, foreverconscious, consciousreminder