How Do I Determine My Ayurvedic Type?

How do I determine my type?

What is a dosha (constitution type) and how do I discover my dosha?

Ayurveda is based on the 5 elements and sees the world through the glasses of these elements. Everything consists of a combination of Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.
How much you have of each of these elements, determines the qualities, but also what goes out of balance first and what symptoms they cause. 

On the basis of the elements, Ayurveda works with three doshas/constitution types.
Ether and Air form Vatha, Fire and Water form Pitta, Water and Earth form Kapha.

How much you have of these elements determine your constitution. This is usually a combination of two doshas, like Vata and Pitta for instance. Once you know your constitution, you know also what elements get out of balance the quickest, so you can give it some extra attention.

Ayurveda makes a difference between two constitutions

  • Prakruti: the constitution in which you were born

  • Vikruti: your current constitution

We will look at your current constitution to see what is going on and check what can be balanced.

Most books and websites on Ayurveda will offer questionnaires that can be used to determine your mind/body constitution. You can try this test at Holistic Online, which is very detailed and thorough. Most questionnaires are very similar and will provide similar results. Please keep in mind that shorter questionnaires will give a more generalised and approximate result. Also, your body changes with age, seasons, and life situations so the results will change as well. Taking a few different questionnaires will give you a more definite result for your Dosha type.

Dosha Test English: Holistic Online
Dosha Test Dutch: 
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