New Moon in Cancer – Nurturing & New Directions


Happy New Moon! Tonight, 2 July 2019 (at 21:16 in Amsterdam), is a total solar eclipse at 10° Cancer. What on Earth does this mean? Optimism! Good health! Resolution! The New Moon in Cancer is a very nurturing, positive time, and we’ll get to enjoy the restorative, refreshing energy it brings until 1 August 2019. 

What is the New Moon?

New Moons last for approximately 29 days, where July’s New Moon in Cancer is especially potent because it will also be a total solar eclipse. Why this is significant is because the total solar eclipse marks the start of a new eclipse phase, and we’ll feel its effects for the next six months until 26 December. So, as this time right now is about enduring results, we need to choose our words carefully and use July to reflect on our life direction, because changes we make now will last for a long time. 

Fixed Star Alhena & Uranus Positive Influences

Cancer is a sign related to the family and especially mother/feminine energy, where the position of Uranus and the fixed star Alhena (located within the Gemini Constellation) makes all of July a wonderful time to enjoy time spent with our loved ones. But we also need to remember to nurture ourselves, as well as others. The total solar eclipse reminds us to act kindly and adopt as much compassion as we can. Remember: What we do now will stick, so now is when we need to practice becoming the person we want to be in the future. 

We’re to use this strong energetic influence and question our old habits, our learned behaviour, to shed outdated beliefs and attitudes that no longer serve us. What’s more, the Sun and Moon conjunct with Alhena means all options are on the table, and this New Moon encourages new possibilities. July is prime time to create new plans, and thinking of inventive ways to progress in our personal and professional lives will come easily. 

Solar Eclipse Effects

Solar eclipses are gateways of change. So whether or not we’re bringing about the shift, the Universe will be. You know that phrase, “When it’s time to make a change, the Universe will make it so uncomfortable you’ve no choice but to leave?” Well, July is that time. We’ve got to take advantage of the current planetary configuration to tap into our higher calling. We’re to be bold and shake up our routine. The best way for us to do this is by creating space for the better things to come. So take that first step, make the leap! 

With this New Moon in Cancer we’ll also be experiencing a revitalisation in health. Summer’s here and there’s lots of pleasure to be had and beauty to be savoured. It makes sense, then, that the organs that will be most affected during this period are the stomach, mucosa, female reproductive organs, breasts, pleura, peritoneum, lymph system, and breastbone.

A Season for Centring

We mustn’t forget to be grateful for this enjoyable time, or for the people in our lives, as these aren’t always guaranteed. Any unresolved conflicts should be settled now, and we can take advantage of the New Moon in Cancer’s soothing vibes to come to a peaceful resolution. 

Finally, safety is also a huge component of Cancer energy, where feeling a strong sense of security, particularly at home, will be of key importance this month. Our emotions will fluctuate in the next few weeks, so we have to stop ourselves before we get carried away over-thinking and becoming our own worst enemies. If we feel triggered, we really have to take a moment before we respond. But, if we can keep a hold of our heightened sensitivity, the New Moon will help us to feel a strong sense of belonging and a oneness with the world.  

Make the most of the New Moon in Cancer with our New Moon Healing Circle

Join us for a magical New Moon meditation evening, where we let go of the old and make room for the new. In this intimate ceremony we will form a “Healing Ring of Tantra” and practice the transformative Kirtan Kriya, or “Sa Ta Na Ma” meditation, which is a core component of Kundalini yoga. This technique, as well as other chanting, visualisation and meditative exercises, will clear your psyche, balance your body, and purify from within. Following this ceremony you will feel balanced, centred, and re-energised. So, are you ready?