Nourishing Tip from Suze Retera

Starting your Monday on a positive note!

Nourishing Tip from Suze Retera


Feeling a bit more sluggish and less motivated in winter time?

This is something many of us can relate to. So what to do about it? Winter season naturally invites us to go more inwards, the days are shorter and we want to stay inside more. To a certain extend you can just give in to this urge and go to bed early, spend more evenings at home. But it is also important to create some balance to keep the body energised and the mind inspired.

It helps to create a daily rhythm to not sleep in too long, getting up no later than 8 am, starting your morning with some exercise to wake up the body, this can be a dynamic yoga practice or a run in the park. Eat nourishing, but not too heavy meals. Don’t work too late, spend time with friends and get to bed before mid night. Making use of the inverted and restorative qualities of Winter you can include longer meditations and inversions in your practice. There is a simple inversion that will make you feel rejuvenated quickly and is gentle and safe to practice at home.

Lay on your back, you can place a bolster underneath your hips, with your bottom all the way against the wall and your legs up against the wall. You can place an eye pillow on our eyes and just rest here for 5 - 10 minutes. Finished with a 2 minute savasana so you don’t get up right away and give your body some time to integrate and the blood to return to your legs.

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