Sweet dreams with Yin Restorative

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Sweet dreams with Yin Restorative

How Yin Restorative helps you with a good night sleep

Finding yourself tossing and turning in bed at night? Feel as though your mind is cluttered with thoughts and it’s too hard to relax? Yin Restorative Yoga could be the key to a good night’s rest.

Simply put, Yin Restorative Yoga focuses on one goal - to restore the body. When practiced regularly and with the correct technique, it can help an unhealthy or injured body restore itself back to normal.

Winding down in a Yin Restorative class

Taking the time to calm down from a full on day can be as simple as holding a yoga pose for three to five minutes.

With the focus of Yin Restorative Yoga set on resting and restoring the body, it’s no wonder why everyone walks out of class looking like they’re in a total element of zen.

The poses in the practice are mostly passive and supported using props. This allows you to release tension and stress, and helps your mind and body rest deeply.

Our teachers and students like to think of it as a ‘re-set’ button for your parasympathetic nervous system and your overworked brain!

Removing distractions and creating space for simplicity

We have all heard it before, staying up late at night scrolling through your phone or laptop isn’t a great idea as it is only going to keep the mind active. If you must use your phone, we recommend switching your phone and laptop to night mode when the sun’s down, it gives your eyes a rest as the backlight is less intense.

Watching television all night can be a nice way to unwind, however the extra screen time after a long day working on a computer isn’t the best remedy for your brain. As an alternative, you could always get into reading a good book, or picking up a new hobby such as painting or knitting.

Eating dinner late at night and consuming alcohol or coffee right before bedtime will also upset your sleeping pattern. Going to sleep with a full stomach may result in some some internal discomfort as your body will still be working hard to breakdown what you consumed.

Once you have removed all of these distractions your mind and body will start to feel at ease after a long working day.

To feel more deeply relaxed and to flow into sleep time, we recommend practicing a Yin Restorative pose and holding it for at least three to five minutes. This can be done next to or on top of your bed right before you jump under the covers for a good night’s rest.

Check out the video below that gives you a short impression of our Yin Restorative class. One of our teachers, Cristina Guerra, moves through some of the poses that are unique to the practice and can also be used in the comfort of your own home.