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Active Osho Meditation


Active Osho Meditation

In this meditation we're going to practice Kundalini techniques. Kundalini is a Sanskrit term that stands for the rising of an energy and consciousness. This energy is coiled at the base of the spine since birth and is therefore the source of the life force. This active meditation Osho style, is meant for the kundalini energy to rise, flow and be transformed. We're going to do this through movement and stillness.

The movement allows the melting of any block in your body. In the stillness and silence the energy can rise and erase any obstacles.

In Osho's words:
"Just sitting directly in silence won't help. The moment you will sit silently, you will see all sorts of things moving inside you; you will feel it's almost impossible to be silent. First throw those things out so you come to a natural state of rest. Real meditation starts only when you are at rest."

This meditation has four stages of 15 minutes: the first 3 are: shaking, dancing and standing or sitting. The last stage is laying down in silence. Eyes will be closed the whole time using a blindfold. Loose, comfortable clothes are recommended.

About Barbara Falorni
She's born in Italy, studied art history and traveled around as a theater performer. She's a massage therapist, yin and restorative teacher, facilitator of body awareness and fascia releasing.

Facilitator: Barbara Falorni // Yinside
Date: Once a Month on Sunday
Time: 15:00-16:00
Location: The Conscious Club - Lauriergracht 142, Amsterdam
Price:€15.50 // Available with your 10-ride pass, 5-ride pass and New Member Introduction Card. For Onefit card members we have very limited spots available.


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