Relaxing Tip from Fritzi Ponse

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Relaxing Tip from Fritzi Ponse

Relaxation Tip: relax your inner and secret elements

In Tibetan healing yoga we work a lot with the energies of the elements. We live in the elements and we are the elements. They are the essence of all phenomena in the world. So when we talk about the outer elements, these are all the components of nature (sea, rivers, mountains, sky etc.). The inner elements are the building blocks of our body (bones, muscles, blood, cells etc.). The secret elements are the qualities of our thoughts and emotions (calmness, love, compassion etc. and their counterparts).

By simply arranging the body in particular ways, the flow of one element is promoted over the others. This helps you to enter a deep relaxation, and can also be kept in mind for sleeping positions. It is a way to actively do something while asleep!

Earth element: lie down on your back with arms and legs spread out comfortably. Earth element promotes calmness and stability.

Water element: lie down on your back, and bring both knees to one side of the body. After staying like this for a while, turn knees over to the other side. Water element promotes flow, clarity and connection.


Fire element: lie on your right side and lean on your right arm, your head resting on your right hand. Place your left foot on the floor with your knee pointing up. Place your right ankle on your left knee, so that right knee is on the ground. Fire element promotes inner warmth, creativity and compassion.


Wind element: lie down on your stomach. Turn your head to the right and bring your right knee up to hip height. Do the same on the other side. Wind element promotes lightness, reduces thought and is connected to love.

Space element: Lie down in any position you like or repeat a position from above. Space represents balance and is connected to equanimity.

Sleep well brothers and sisters :-)

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