Relaxation Tip from Suze Retera

Starting your Monday on a positive note!

Relaxation tip from Suze Retera


Do you find it hard to make self care a part of your daily live? Sometimes it seems harder than it really is. When you are leading a busy life, self care is extra important. But when it becomes another thing on your to do list, it might give more stress than care. 

The trick is to keep it simple, short and consistent. I will share my favourite and simple self care exercises with you: 

Taking a 1 minute break to take 5 deep and slow breaths with your eyes closed is already a great way to take care of yourself and calm your nervous system. It can be dome any time, anywhere. Do this a few times a day and increase to 5 minutes of slow deep breathing if you have the time. 

Take 10-15 minutes when you come home or just before you go to bed to lay down in a comfortable position, possibly making use of props, and relax in savasana or listen to a yoga nidra recording. This will help you release the activities of the day and sets the tone for a good night sleep.

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