Happiness Tip from Ike Dielesen

Starting your Monday on a positive note!

Happiness Tip from Ike Dielesen

A pose to open up the heart can be a pose to create happiness. It can be a very simple pose. You can use a blanket. If you use a blanket you can make a roll of the blanket and just bring it underneath the shoulder blades, so you open up the chest area. The legs can be stretched or knees can be bend. The arms can be next to you or spread wide to the side or overhead. Make yourself that comfortable so you can lay here for 5-10 minutes. Bringing you awareness to the breathing and from the breathing slowly to the heart area. Feeling this opening of the chest area, imagining that all the breath, energy is opening the heart and chest area even more.

In the heart and chest area we have an energy centre called anahata chakra, this chakra is perfect to to focus upon to open up and receive love. On the other hand is also about loving yourself. Self- acceptance lies underneath it, compassion for you and for all others surrounding you. And ultimately come to a state of happiness of whom ever you are.


Ike Dielesen teaches every Yin Yoga every Monday evening from 20:00-21:30 and the Friday morning flow from 07:00-08:00. You can also join her once a month on Friday from 19:30-21:30 with a special Yin & Chakra Journey.