Full Moon in Pisces - Intuition, Transformation and Imaginative Journeys


This Saturday 14 of September at 6:32 am Amsterdam time the Full Moon will be with 21°05` in Pisces. The Pisces Moon or “Harvest Moon” strengthens our intuition and provides us with a transformative and imaginative energy that makes us feel that anything is possible.

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Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon is always the closest Full Moon to the Equinox on the 22nd of September, a day when day and night are of equal length; everywhere on the world, no matter the time zone. North American indigenous tribes thought this moon to be the best time to gather the harvest. Equally, this September's Full Moon is illuminated to be an ideal time for us to gather the planted seeds of our action over the last months, since its astrological partner, the New Moon Pisces in march.

Full Moon

A full moon occurs when the the moon is opposite the sun. These opposing forces can influence your life and lead to internal tensions such as between what you want and what your soul actually needs.

During the time of a full moon our emotions and intuition reach its peak. We become more taken up by our emotions and our intimate relationships come more into the center of our attention in the time of a full moon. We always use this increased emotional strength and subconscious awareness to deal with challenges in our personal life or in relationships. Our Full Moon Healing Circle is a great way to connect with a community, to reflect and to heal yourself from within.

Full Moon In Pisces

The particular constellation of the Full Moon in Pisces is marked by a special T-shape constellation between Jupiter in Sagittarius at the apex while the Moon and Neptune are both in Pisces and opposed to the Sun and Mars in Virgo. However, this square constellation embarks certain challenges. 

The Sun in Virgo represents an active energy of moving forwards, while the Pisces Moon clouds our decision-making and appears us like a wave of irrational and submissive energy.

The square constellation with Jupiter inhabits the potential for changeable mood and the tendency for excess. Consequently, these days it is important to differentiate between dream and reality. Do not let yourself get fooled by wrong signals that might lead to sensations of suspicion and delusion. 

The moon being opposed to Mars increases moodiness and the tendency to act without thinking, which entails a risk for unwanted arguments and situations. During these days we might feel torn between the two extremes; the activeness of the Virgo Sun and the passiveness of the Pisces Moon energy. At the same time, the conjunction of the moon with Neptune further increases our emotional sensibility.

The moon being supportive to Pluto on the other side evokes that the power of the Pisces Moon is augmented by its transformative force. This makes our subconsciousness more present and intense. Consequently, this particular lunar constellation is also described as Phoenix Constellation comprising the potential of rebirths and new beginnings. 

Pisces Star Sign
The water sign Pisces is the twelfth and last sign of the Zodiac circle. Pisces is symbolized by two fishes swimming in opposite directions. This symbolization represents Pisces’s natural division between dream and reality which is even more reinforced during the time where the moon is in this zodiac sign. Being naturally very emotional, Pisces tend to be swallowed by their emotions and are constantly in need of grounding.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet governed by creativity and imagination. Consequently, people of the Pisces star sign are especially creative and commands boundless ranges of imagination. Being associated with water, the energy of Neptune is like an ocean: wide, deep and mystical. Just as unpredictable as an ocean, Pisces tend to be delusional and swim away from their problems. Ignorance however will never make any conflicts disappear, so instead, Pisces should give themselves the chance to grow.

Being a mutable sign, Pisces easily adapt to their surroundings and are characterized by an especially strong visionary and possess and clairvoyance. By taking advance of the energy of the full moon in its sign, Pisces will experience deep spiritual explorations of their souls which they can use to overcome everyday personal obstacles and relationship challenges.

Tune in with your Intuition

Therefore, the Pisces Moon can be seen as opportunity to find the balance between the active energy of the sun and the passive energy of the moon. Now it is a good time to slow down and listen to the deepest inner voice of your soul, our most powerful tool: Our intuition. During this time, it is okay to let go, sleep in, daydream and simply “be”. 


Embrace your Creative Outlet

The Full Moon in Pisces provides us with a strong creative outlet. We intuitively surround ourselves with an imaginative energy and tend to express the messages we get from within our soul through creative practices like art, music, poetry or dance. This is where we can harvest our planted seeds: Through surrendering to our inner selves we learn to tune in and find the balance between when we really need to take action and when we simply need to be still and wait for cues for the next move. 

Let go or move on

The Full Moon in Pisces is a time for rebirth and transformation in any aspect of life, whether in relationships, home, work or spiritual development. By going under the surface, we become more sensitive and open for the feelings of others. The moon being in Pisces is a great time for either deepening a relationship, or for letting go. It is a time for eventually breaking with bad habits, for making a serious decision or for maybe taking a next step in life. 

So get out there and discover the lunar power of the Pisces Full Moon. Spend some time looking inward, reconnect with your deepest intuition and find what feels good to you! Happy Full Moon!

Organs influenced by Pisces Moon Sign:
Feet, toes, hypophysis, pineal gland, endorphin, melatonin.

These organs are now more sensitive so provide them with extra care.

Join us for our next Full Moon Events

If you are looking for a spiritual practice to go really deep within and tune into your intuition, we recommend The Full Moon Flow Yoga - Tranquil Yoga & Meditation this Saturday 14 September from 15:00-16:15 at the Conscious Club with Alicia Ingruber.

In case you are looking for something different we recommend trying New Moon Healing Circle this Sunday 15 September at the Conscious Club with Maaike Aker. 

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