Tiger’s Eye: The Crystal of Perspective 

Tiger’s Eye: The Crystal of Perspective 

Tiger’s Eye, also called chatoyancy, which is French for “cat” is a wise teacher that guides you toward the light. As the name of the crystal already alludes at, this crystal functions as an all-seeing “eye.”

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With its microscopic and telescopic focus ability. It zooms the focus in on you but also out to the larger whole. The self-focus property of Tiger’s Eye helps to dissolve your negative emotions and balance toxic emotions, which will keep your mind clear from the clutter. This is why the crystal is effective to re-focus on your true desires and fuel the fire of your passions again. Tiger’s Eye will be you compass when your creatively stuck or out-of-focus. Unlock your true potential and talent with Tiger’s Eye! 

On the other hand, the crystal also helps you to distance yourself and keep an overview of what’s going on. By keeping you in perspective, Tiger’s Eye helps you with internal conflicts, dilemmas, doubt, and indecision. 

Linked to the Solar Plexus Chakra, Tiger’s Eye keeps you centered in body, mind, and soul. Since the chakra controls the immune system, physically, the stone has a positive effect on colds, asthma, and tensions. 


As a Leo, you are ruled by the fire element. This can make you quite intense and passionate. Though you are a natural-born entertainer and leader, the fiery side of Leo can cause you to lose perspective easily. It is important to keep yourself in check! 

The Tiger’s Eye resonates the best with the sign Leo. This stone aligns with your energy and therefore not only enhances your energy but also keeps you in perspective when the fiery Leo comes roaring out! 


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Throughout history, Tiger’s Eye was believed to symbolize prosperity and protection. The ancient Egyptians used Tiger’s Eye for the eyes of their statues as it symbolized divine vision and protection from the gods Ra, the sun god, and Geb, the god of the earth. Linked to the king of beasts in Eastern mythology—the Tiger—the crystal symbolized courage, power, and integrity. Roman soldiers thus carried it into battles. 

Conscious contributor: Zeynep Kizilirmak