Full Moon in Capricorn – Letting Go & Levelling Up

the conscious club full moon in capricorn full thunder moon

On Tuesday 16 July 2019 we’re in for a lunar treat. At 23:31 in Amsterdam we’ll have a partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn 24°00’, and a few minutes later at 23:38, the Full Moon in Capricorn 24°04’. This special lunar phenomenon will last until 15 August 2019 until 14:29, when the moon will enter Aquarius at 22°24’. Because of the unique appearance of July’s full moon, it has been given several names: the Full Thunder Moon, Full Buck Moon, Half-Blood Thunder Moon Eclipse, to list a few. What do they all mean? Let’s explore. 

Partial Lunar Eclipse

the conscious club full moon in capricorn full thunder moon

First things first, what are partial lunar eclipses? These occur when a full moon, during its orbit, partly drifts into the Earth’s umbra, which is the darkest part of the Earth’s shadow created by the sun. Next Tuesday’s Sun-Earth positioning will create an eerily beautiful Half-Blood Moon that bears a curved, red shadow over the top of the moon, with a bright white crescent shape at the bottom.

Full Thunder Moon

A few minutes after we have the partial lunar eclipse, July’s Full Moon will occur. This full moon assumes several monikers, but you’ve probably heard it being referred to as the Full Thunder Moon or Full Buck Moon. The former got its name from the time of year it occurs: July, AKA the middle of summer, when thunderstorms are likely because of the humidity. But why Full Buck Moon? This is also seasonally-related, with the shape of the new antlers that emerge on a buck’s forehead mirroring the shape of the moon. Given the nature of both of these names you can start to guess what they mean for us energetically…

Full Moon Meaning

As we’re still in Cancer season and the July Full Moon will be in Capricorn (and stay until 25 July at 03:18 in Amsterdam when it turns into a Third Quarter Moon), it’s no surprise that this lunar event will carry a heavier weight. It’s a time for strength and being prepared – whether that’s for metaphorical stormy times ahead or significant growth. (‘Thunder’ and ‘Buck’ are making sense now, aren’t they?) We’re reminded to use this period to draw from our experiences and the wisdom gained from them to release all that no longer serves. 

Now is when we prepare to become the person we always wanted to be. But growth is uncomfortable, and demands expansion, where the only way we can do this is by shedding skin that no longer fits, no matter how much comfort it used to provide. To level up we have to drop the baggage weighing us down. But of course, the cautious Capricorn influence encourages us to do so prudently.  

the conscious club full moon in capricorn full thunder moon

Particularly in terms of health, we must be mindful to take care of our bones, especially our knees, joints, tendons and ligaments, as well as our back/spinal muscles, skin, hair, and spleen. These organs are super sensitive during July’s Full Thunder Moon, so surgery or any risky health treatments are strongly discouraged. 

Like we mentioned in our New Moon in Cancer post, the rest of this month is to be spent clearing our life of clutter – mental and physical – so there’s a solid, pure foundation to build from. Adopt a ‘quality only’ mentality – Capricorn’s raison d’être – and take stock of where you are. Start working on new projects or continue on the path you’re forging, minus any extraneous weight. 

This is a period of deep internal transformation. The July Full Moon in Capricorn is here to support you in your personal evolution and allow for opportunities to show up, given you’ll be creating space for them. Remind yourself that you can’t achieve anything significant on a shaky foundation, so do the work. It’s going to pay off. 

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