Energy Tip from Cristina Repas

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Energy tip from Cristina Repas

Ujjayi Viloma

Ujjayi Viloma is a simple pranayama technique that helps you develop your Ujjayi breathing, opens your senses and fills you with energy. You can practice it by it's own or after Kapalabhati.

To start, seat down comfortable on a chair or on the floor and take several easy breaths through your nose to bring your focus to your breath. Keep the eyes closed or softly focused.


1st round:

1 - Take Vishnu mudra, place your thumb finger on your right nostril and ring finger on your left one.
2 - Close the right nostril and inhale trough the left nostril.
3 - Release and exhale trough both nostrils using Ujjayi breathing.
4 - Close the left nostril and inhale trough the right nostril.
5 - Release and exhale trough both nostrils using Ujjayi breathing.


Perform at least 5 rounds and when you are done take 5 long Ujjayi breaths.

On a later state, as you become more proficient start adding breath retention after the inhalation (Kumbhaka Puraka) according to your capacity, just remember that your breath should never feel forced. A smooth, steady breath is what you want.

Be sure the length of your exhale is always equal to or longer than your inhale.

Cristina Repas teachers ashtanga every Saturday morning from 10:30-11:45 at The Conscious Club.