How to protect yourself from unwanted energies

Hello world

Imagine yourself going to an unknown country. You have no protective clothes on, you don't have a travel buddy next to you, you don't speak the language and you know nothing about the culture of the country you are in.

With much excitement you say "Hello!" to this new world you know nothing of.

Now two things can happen. 

Either you meet someone good and they quickly wrap a blanket around you to protect you from the crowd, they instantly are your new buddy and make sure you don't have to worry about the language you don't speak or the culture you know nothing of. They are good in their heart and take care of you.

The other option is, you meet someone bad. And the rest speaks for itself.

This is what happens in the spiritual world every day. There are tons of classes, workshops or sessions about opening up and connecting to the unknown, without people knowing anything about the country they are in. They learn how to open up, but they don't learn how to protect themselves. 

A problem not to be taken lightly.

Here are a bunch of tips for those in need!

Tips on how to protect yourself

  • Take a shower
    Literally, take a shower. Rinse off the day and the negative energy down the drain. While you are at it, you can choose to imagine sparkles of light rinsing your whole body from head to toe. Wash your hair if the energy feels heavy. You can choose to play a mantra or a list of mantra's which helps taking away the negative energy. We have a Spotify playlist with mantra's here.

  • Clear your space
    There are several ways to clear energy in a space. One way is to use a smudge stick like white sage, burn the holy wood Palo Santo, or Frankincense or Mirre on a charcoal tablet in the space you are in. You can start with the corners and ask for divine protection, it can be anyone that resonates you'd like to help clear the space, follow the steps of Ask for help to see how. After the corners you can go through the rest of the space, make sure you open the windows so the smoke and the energy can get out. Playing mantra's is a good way of clearing a space as well. There is great power in Mantra's as they are at least 3000 year old sacred prayers that are still repeated around the globe today.

  • Ask for help
    One golden rule with protection is that you have to ask for it. If you're not asking, it's not coming. And when you ask you must do it with the utmost respect towards whom you are asking. 
    Divine protection comes in many forms. Whether that's Buddha, Ganesha, Virgin Mary, Jesus, Allah, Shaman Goodlands, Archangel Michael or all of the Archangels, they are all members of the same team ;) You can also ask the help of Mother Earth, with her powerful snowstorms, rain or wind. Ask the animals or the trees, they are all here to help us. It's good to aim for someone big in the line of protectors because it's like asking your aunt Tilly for help or Lord Shiva, it ain't the same ballpark ;) You can ask for unlimited help, so make your army of light as big as you can!

  • Imagine a pyramid of light
    If you are good at using your imagination this works perfectly, imagine a sacred circle of light or a golden pyramid around you. It will be your sacred safe spot (to sleep in). Before you imagine the circle or the pyramid, you have to make sure your aura is cleared, by either clearing the space and asking for help. Say in your mind that the space of pure light is yours and unwanted energies that don't belong are not welcome, then your sacred dome is all yours :) 

  • Protective words
    For those who have trouble imagining a pyramid or circle of light, we have another solution, the use of holy words or intentions. I learned this one from a good friend: "Everything that is not good for me, that doesn't belong to me, I send it to mother earth, she'll know what to do with it". The other one is from a Brazilian Shaman: "Kadoish, Kadoish, Kadoish, Adonai 'Tsebayoth" - this means: "Expanding Pure Wave Forms As A Power Of One Unto A Deliverance Eternally" - this ancient Hebraic text are words of a "contract" - which reminds the darkness to seriously step aside. But you can also choose something from a mantra you know, like "Wahe Guru" :) Good to know: repeat sayings a few times to make it resonate as a sacred chant. 

  • Gemstones and crystals
    Gemstones and crystals hold metaphysical properties, alter our moods, and remedy a spectrum of ailments for thousands of years. There are many protective stones like black tourmaline, labradorite or selenite that help with a good night sleep. Crystals tend to amplify and open up, so i'd skip that one in the bedroom, but for daily protection they are beautiful as well. If you walk into a gemstone shop - check what resonates or pops out as the stone for you. You can easily look up it's meaning on the internet. Make sure you don't wear more than 3 different types of stone as they will lose their power. When you lose a stone or it just falls off, then the stone is not necessary to be with you anymore in that period of time.

  • Inner light
    “I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.” - Hafiz of Shiraz. Know that the brilliant light inside yourself is enough to see your way through your darkest nights. Your light is a mirror for those in darkness, but no matter what darkness comes our way, love will overcome, ALWAYS. You have a magical diamond in your heart, so let that pure light shine from within! And while you shine, ask for help, members of #teamloveandlight are on their way! You are not alone!

  • Create a sacred space
    Surround yourself with sacred objects, you can make an altar with pictures, stones, sea shells, feathers, flowers, you name it! You can have pictures of powerful animals around like the wolf or bear for instance, but also the eagle or owl. You can have Ganesha, Buddha, Jesus, Archangels, Guanyin, a picture of a native american shaman - just pick what resonates with you. Use sacred shapes and forms, like the flower of life or sacred geometry. Don't be shy or humble in what you pick - you can have it all. Create that what is filled with love, as your own sacred space and circle of light.

Using Your Intentions Well

Everything you do has to be done with respect and the right intentions. There is no room for ego, so always be humble towards those of the divine, or it will backfire on you. Only with dark energies you need to be very strict, stand up for yourself, there is no room for grey matter or discussion, when someone with bad intentions comes along it is either left or right. And that choice is to go with the light or it is going to be ended right here and now. When you feel something is not right, don't hesitate, you feel this for a reason and can end it right there.

In case of emergency you can always walk into The Conscious Club for help.


Protection / Power Bundles

We made little protection bags for those wanting to create a sacred environment. It contains all you need for protection and travels easy. Feel free to drop by to check them out, they are €10,- per bag.


Article: Elizabeth Plokker