New Moon in Sagittarius: Retrospection & Wisdom

New Moon in Sagittarius: Retrospection & Wisdom

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2018 has been a year full of changes, transformations, and uncertainties. But it was also filled with healing, love, and compassion. This new moon in the sign of Sagittarius falls on the 6th of December and it will take us on a ride down memory lane. While life is evolving around us constantly, it can be difficult to see our development. With the end of the year also approaching, comes a pressure to go through your achievements. Though it may feel like you are exactly at the same spot as you were one year ago. Don’t forget, no matter how small or big, all of us grow and develop inevitably. Even if you still haven’t achieved that dream, it doesn’t mean that you didn’t develop internally. The energy of the Sagittarius New Moon brings us retrospection and wisdom. Thus, the minimal act of visualizing your accomplishments and victories will boost your motivation for the coming year!

Sagittarius New Moon

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New Moon, new beginning. As the Sagittarius New Moon has the ability to let us see the bigger picture, it can refocus our energy on our blessings and gratitude. Let the Sagittarius energy take you through a retrospection and allow its wisdom to let you see what you have achieved. It can be so easy to go through what you could have done better or should have achieved. Let go of the coulds and shoulds. The fact that you made it through 2018 and that there is a whole new year waiting for you is already a huge achievement! This last lunar circle of the year is the perfect time to relax and enjoy the holiday season! Celebrate you just as you are.

“Every Moment is a Fresh Beginning” - T.S Eliot

New Moon Healing Circle

The Conscious Club provides a great way to start fresh! On the 6th of December, from 8:00 PM till 9:00 PM the event New Moon Healing Circle takes place. Together with Maaike Aker you can discover the power of a new moon mantra meditation. For further information, you can visit our events page! 

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Conscious Contributor: Zeynep Kizilirmak



Full Moon in Gemini: Illumination and Revelation

Full Moon in Gemini: Revelation and duality

With the end of the year in sight, it is natural to feel a sense of renewal and rebirth. Since all of the changes in 2018 are getting you ready for 2019, the uncertainty of what is ahead can build up a bit of a tension. Don’t despair, the Gemini Full Moon’s focus on illumination and duality provides some direction and clarity!

The upcoming two full moons are both in the sign of Gemini! These full moons will bring more clarity and illumination: truths are starting to come to the surface. And though these truths may not always be pleasant, it is a necessary revelation in order to move on.

Gemini Full Moon


It is certainly no coincidence that there are two Gemini Full Moons before the end of the year—the Universe is sending us a message. Represented by the Twins, the Gemini energy stands for duality. Like the Yin Yang symbol, the Gemini energy also represents many dualities such as life and death, light and dark, good and bad, the moon and the sun, and so forth. The same goes for the dualities that we have in ourselves. We have good and bad qualities, we can be happy or sad. This philosophy can be applied to an infinite amount of concepts. But oftentimes the importance of these dualities is overlooked. As the black and white dot in Yin Yang illustrates, these dualities are not only contradictory to each other but also complementary. The dualities in the universe are interconnected, one cannot exist without the other.

There is no better time for the heightened energy of the Gemini to peak. This Gemini Full Moon encourages us to assess and adjust our dualities in order to create the best possible, balanced version of ourselves. The Gemini Full Moon also reminds us that nothing in life is black and white—remember the balance in the duality, if you can see the middle ground, you’ll lead a more peaceful and stable life!


The Conscious Club provides a great way to heal and let go! On the 22nd of November, from 8:00 PM till 9:00 PM the event Full Moon Healing Circle takes place. Together with Maaike Aker you can discover the power of a full moon mantra meditation. For further information, you can visit our events page! 

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Conscious Contributor: Zeynep Kizilirmak