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New Moon in Leo – Empowerment & Self-Expression

new moon in leo

On 1 August at 5:11 in Amsterdam there will be a New Moon in Leo 8°37’, and we couldn’t be more excited. August’s lunar movements are a welcome relief from July’s deeply emotional New Moon in Cancer and the super-serious Full Moon in Capricorn. The heavy energies are clearing away and after this period of contraction, we’re entering a phase that is full of expansion and all about breaking barriers. 

The fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius will feel the effects of this rejuvenating, ultra-inspiring time more prominently than other signs. But we will all experience the energising astral climate that is the New Moon in Leo until the Super New Moon in Virgo on 30 August at 12:37, Amsterdam time. 

Big Ideas & Bold Moves  

So what to expect? It’s likely you’ll feel as though the chains have finally come off, there’s a weight off your shoulders. Creativity blockages? What blockages? These have cleared and suddenly you feel free to go after what you want. You’re no longer scared to be daring and take risks; the New Moon in Leo is effectively one, big cosmic “You’ve got this.” And you do! This month’s New Moon encourages a strong sense of empowerment and confidence in one’s abilities. Those self-limiting beliefs have got to go, so lean into the Leo energy and allow your creativity to run rampant!

All About Heart 

This New Moon in Leo also reminds us to give freely and frequently. We’re to exemplify the generous nature of a Leo, and share as much love as we can with the world. Given that Leo is ruled by the sun, August is the perfect time to act like le soleil and be a positive, shining force for those around you. Embrace the joyous energy and express yourself fully with no shame. 

As Leo is all about passion, it’s no surprise, then, that this sign is directly related to the heart. This organ and the circulatory system are particularly affected by the New Moon in Leo, so keep an eye on your blood pressure, heart rate, and heart itself. Also, if it’s avoidable, don’t schedule any surgical operations during the New Moon because of the body’s heightened sensitivity.  

Ready for Your Close-Up

Finally, the New Moon in Leo is also a time when you are ready to be seen. You’ve done the groundwork, you know what you have to offer the world, the Full Moon in Capricorn had you take stock of what you want to keep in your life and goals you want to achieve. Now you’re ready to go after them and receive the accolades for your hard work. Use your own unique charisma to open doors and show the world what you’re made of. Because if there’s anything Leo knows, is that they’re made of gold. 


Make the most of the New Moon in Leo with our New Moon Healing Circle

Join us for a magical New Moon meditation evening, where we let go of the old and make room for the new. In this intimate ceremony we will form a “Healing Ring of Tantra” and practice the transformative Kirtan Kriya, or “Sa Ta Na Ma” meditation, which is a core component of Kundalini yoga. This technique, as well as other chanting, visualisation and meditative exercises, will clear your psyche, balance your body, and purify from within. Following this ceremony you will feel balanced, centred, and re-energised. So, are you ready?  


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