How to use Ancient Rituals to Ground Yourself

How to use Ancient Rituals to Ground Yourself

Rituals have been an intrinsic part of communities and cultures for as long as humans have been walking the planet. In fact, without rituals, many of the tribes, traditions, beliefs and religions that exist today would not have survived the test of time.

These practices have taken the form of celebrations, worship, circles, initiations and rites of passage, amongst others. They have been the anchor holding individuals together by fostering a sense of belonging, creating a safe and sacred space, or marking the passage of time. They evoke a sense of togetherness, connection and shared reverence for the members of a group. They reinforce a sense of identity within each individual and the participants as a collective.

Clearly, our ancestors were onto something and realised the importance, beauty, and benefits of rituals – if not, these practices would not have stood the test of time!

Nowadays, as more cultures, traditions, and belief systems are shifting and merging together, it is tempting to discard ancient practices and embrace the new, progressive rituals. To break free and live freely, with fewer rules and restrictions. And as enticing as this sounds in theory, the effect of this on us humans can also be detrimental. We can lose our backbone; our framework, or our form of guidance. It is this connection to the past that gives us a sense of understanding of who we are and our place in the world.

This is why making certain routines or habits a part of our lives can be especially beneficial for us and our wellbeing. Be they practiced individually or in solidarity with others, rituals can keep us grounded. They can bring us back to the present moment, provide a sense of belonging, meaning and purpose in an otherwise seemingly superficial universe.


Although certain exercises such as meditation, yoga, and gratitude lists have shown to be very effective for many, we shouldn’t underestimate the power of a personalised ritual that meets our own individual needs.

This can mean setting aside 30 minutes in the morning to eat our favourite breakfast. Go for a long walk in nature, call a good friend, or snuggle up with a cup of tea and your favorite book.

Since we’re all different and unique, the possibilities are endless. Find what it is that grounds you, that makes you feel whole, and do more of that.


Conscious Contributor: Michelle Hovy
Michelle is inspired by nature, the holistic sciences, sustainable living and true wellbeing. She is a ‘Jill’ of all trades, master of none, with an insatiable curiosity for life. She’s an ocean lover, information-absorber, truth sharer, café-hopper, amateur recipe tester, animal nurturer, traveler, plant-food eater and beginner yogi with an appreciation for all things conscious and honest. Being close to nature, surrounded by an abundance of fresh produce and an empowering, supportive community is what makes her come alive. She’s continuously learning to find the beauty and balance in life’s polarities, staying present, being of service, and doing her part in positively contributing to the evolution of our world and collective conscience.