New Moon in Aries: Pick your Fights Wisely and with Compassion

New Moon in Aries: Pick your Fights Wisely and with Compassion

As we have moved into the month of April you might have experienced a pull towards change. Whether it be change in your personal or professional life, one thing is certain - you need something to change, and you need it now!

As this month’s New Moon falls in the fiery sign of Aries, you might be compelled to follow your gut instinct, put up a fight and make changes that are best suited to your true purpose.

Forever Conscious says: “Making changes always starts with a shift in attitude first. If something is not working on the outside, it is always helpful to look at how you can begin fixing it by looking within.

By going within and addressing any thoughts, beliefs or attitudes around the situation, you are in a much more powerful position to make productive and lasting changes.”

Be ready for change, if that is what you truly want


Moving into the warmer months of the year always brings about a feeling of motivation to get things done and to ‘spring clean’ your home, work and lifestyle.

If there are some battles to be fought, we recommend choosing them wisely. First consider if the issue can first be resolved within. Can you own your issues and make personal changes, rather than relying on someone else to do it for you? It’s important that we are comfortable with the decisions we make and live our lives with no regrets.

If you have spent the time to look within and unpack feelings of frustration but still believe that the issue lays with someone or something else then it’s time to confront it. We’re not saying that you need to put up a fight and approach it with aggression, but it is important that you get your point of view across.

Be weary not to start fights, as Mars and Saturn can create a lot of tension.

Mars and Saturn continue their conjunction in Capricorn this month. Their energies meshing together is creating tension as Mars (ruler of Aries) wants to take action and move forward, while Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) is a cold and slow planet, asking mars to hold back. We can feel this tension in areas of our life where ever this conjunction continues to take place. Luckily, Mercury retrograde ends as we enter the New Moon, allowing for the build up of Mars energy that we have been holding back on to be communicated in a clearer way and set off our initiation to begin something new.

Mercury retrograde can be debilitation for communication, especially when it comes to technology and travel. As the retrograde ends on the New Moon, we can feel that things begin to smooth out with making travels plans or purchases, and any issues with cell phones, laptops or technology.


Connecting with the spiritual world this New Moon

Wear red, and or burn a red candle to initiate in the energy of taking action. Write out your goals and place them on your altar, or somewhere you can see them.

Interested in following a New Moon ritual for change? Forever Conscious recommends trying a very powerful ritual that is best done from April 15 - 26, 2018. The ritual encourages you to connect with guides and angels that will guide you to be feel of negative routines that are holding you back.


Join us at The Conscious Club this Sunday 15 from 16:30 - 17:30 in a magical evening of healing where we practice a beautiful and intimate New Moon Mantra Meditation. We will bless ourselves in this sacred meditation with the name “The Healing Ring of Tantra”.

The healing ring can be used to generate and direct tremendous healing energy. During this meditation we hold hands in an unbroken circle using specific call and response chants to generate healing vibrations.

You will be astonished by the energy and healing vibrations that will be generated by the group. Chanting with the intention of healing will send vibrations through those in the circle, onto those at a distance, and out to the universe. This truly is a profound meditation experience…

Before we start with the meditation we spark off with some warm up Kundalini Yoga exercises. Then we glide effortlessly into this beautiful, transformative and healing meditation circle.

The energy that’s generated by the group is truly amazing. Come and experience it for yourself, and tap into the power of community, Kundalini Yoga and the New Moon energy.

Interested in joining? Get your tickets here.


Conscious Contributors: Hayley Becht and Antonina Ananda

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