Full Worm Moon in Virgo tonight - what does this mean for you?


Full Worm Moon in Virgo tonight - what does this mean for you?

After a rare February with no full moon, the month of March 2018 gets two!

The first on March 1 in Europe, commonly known as the Full Worm Moon, and the second full moon, referred to as a Blue Moon falling on March 31.

Tonight’s special Moon is commonly known as the Full Worm Moon as this is the time of the year that the frozen earth begins to thaw and earthworms start to surface. Migrating birds are invited to return home, and signs of fresh life slowly appears in our plants and trees. We are witnesses to the re-birth of Earth as it awakens from a long, sleepy winter.

This uniquely named moon is significant as it’s the last full moon of the winter season. You know what that means…..Spring is near!

As this marks the end of one season, we look forward to the next and feel compelled by the full moon in Virgo to ground our roots deeply into Mother Nature and connect with our purpose.

Cleanse your crystals tonight with the power of the full moon

When it comes to caring for crystals at home it’s important to keep them positively charged. They provide a strong sense of guidance and are often used to balance the aura. However, like people, they regularly need to be cleared of any negative vibes and be able to start fresh.

The full moon is the perfect time to cleanse your crystals, and in turn cleanse your spiritual life. Refreshing the positive energy crystals are so well known for can be done by placing them outside at night time under the moon for 24 hours. That’s the golden rule - wait a 24 hour period to make sure that your special crystals will also absorb the happy, healing power of sun.

Fun fact!

A Full Moon happens every 29.5 days, when Earth is perfectly aligned between the sun and the Moon, and the Moon is fully illuminated by the Sun.

You have probably noticed that each Full Moon has its own unique name. All of the moons were nicknamed by the early Native Americans as a way to keep track of the seasons and months. The names, although special, were often very practical as they derived from an event or significant moment that occurred at the time of that Moon.

Go forth, young one!

While the Full Moon is in Virgo, we are drawn to focusing on the theme of healing.

"The Virgo on the Pisces axis calls us to ground our roots deep into Mother Earth to anchor ourselves through the emotional seas that have been surging. The more we open up, the more we feel, and the more attuned we become to the suffering of others and our dear planet Earth. The injustices and the tragedies are numerous and we are all aching for change." - Mystic Mamma

Virgo reminds us to let go of our past frustrations, so we can move onwards and bring forth change that benefits ourselves and others. She believes in showing love in service. It is this theme that we can carry forward to achieve collective healing.

Take this as an opportunity to set your intention for the the coming month, and perhaps the new season. It’s a powerful time to reassess your current situation and take a step in what feels like the natural, most positive direction. Connecting with our crystals, harnessing their power and responding to their guidance will help you create inner balance and peace.

So set those goals, both big and small. Feel the courage to let go of the negative thoughts and feelings that are holding you back. And continue to connect both physically and spiritually with those beautiful crystals of yours - they hold a lot more power than we ever thought possible.

Article: Hayley Becht

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